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As part of Imerys Group, Imerys Carbonates’ ambition is to reduce the ecological footprint of our mineral production process and operations around the while while contributing to a more sustainable environment. We understand that there are no ‘quick fixes’ but acknowledge that progress will be made by making operational and personal improvements to reach our sustainability goals.

Sustainable Development: an Essential Condition for Value Creation

Imerys’ Sustainable Development is an essential component of the Group’s long term strategy to support growth while promoting environmental stewardship and social responsibility. To create and protect stakeholder value, the Group is committed to implementing the following principles in three key areas:


Safety & Health: We develop a proactive safety and health culture by implementing the three pillars of the Imerys’ Safety System: compliance, continuous improvement and communication.

Human Resources: We develop the professional and personal capabilities of our employees, provide them with appropriate benefits, promote workplace diversity and maintain industrial relations by fostering an environment of mutual respect.

Communities: We build positive relationship with communities around our sites and contribute to local social and economic development.

Human Rights: We respect fundamental human rights by referring to core international conventions and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and take particular actions to avoid child labor and forced labor.


Management Systems: We assess relevant environmental risks and continually improve control measures to reduce adverse environmental impact.

Resource Efficiency: We apply advanced technologies and promote operational excellence to maximize the sustainable use of raw materials and other natural resources, such as land, energy and water.

Biodiversity: We preserve and create biodiversity value by enhancing rehabilitation of mines during their life spans with the aim of harmonizing with local ecosystems.

Green Innovation: We factor environmental benefits into the research and development of products, processes and services to reduce our environmental footprint throughout the product life cycle.


Corporate Governance: We respect and implement best corporate governance practices in a manner that is consistent with similar listed companies.

Ethics and Business Conduct: We promote and regulate ethical business behavior within the Group through the deployment of appropriate policies and protocols; and monitor their efficient and compliant implementation.


Since 2005, Imerys has organized an in-house challenge to support the best Sustainable Development initiatives within our divisions worldwide. In 10 years, 533 projects have been executed as part of the challenge in the following fields:


arrow-yellow[1]Community Relations




arrow-yellow[1]Human Resources

To watch some of our project winner videos, visit our News & Media page. Click HERE for our 2014 Sustainable Development Report. To download our Sustainable Development Charter, visit our Resource section.