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Overview of Carbonates Operations

IMERYS is a leading calcium carbonate supplier of high quality, functional fillers and extenders with production sites throughout the world. 

Imerys Carbonates is one the world’s largest producers of white industrial minerals, and as part of a Imerys’ multi-mineral group, has extensive “know-how” of other minerals, allowing us robust capabilities to offer combined minerals solutions to our customers. With expertise, creativity, and attentiveness to our customers’ needs, our international teams constantly identify new applications and develop high value-added solutions under a determined approach to responsible development.

Our global presence envelops:

 20 Countries

 2 R&D Facilities

 44 Plants (30 GCC, 13 PCC, 1 Lime)

 15 Quarries/Mines

 10 High Quality Marbles, 5 other (Dolomite, Chalk, Limestone)

 Over 20 years worth of reserves

Imerys Carbonates provides Ground Calcium Carbonate (GCC) directly from natural sources and Precipitated Calcium Carbonate (PCC), manufactured from calcium oxide (CaO) to various markets for a wide range of applications.

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